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Until We Are Free
by TM Blayte


GENRE: YA Sci-fi



Nyl Jayms is tasked with kidnaping the Elder princess, to force her brother, the king, to negotiate with humans. The alternative is a war that could lead to the annihilation of both humans and Elders.

A Rider Council faction, led by Nyl’s father, is opposed to any negotiations. They will do anything, including sabotaging his assignment, to trigger a war.

Nyl and his team have to outsmart the king’s elite Royal Guard, to get to the princess, and somehow stay one step ahead of the faction opposed to negotiations. Everyone will be forced to re-evaluate ideology they were raised with, as an impending war looms ever closer.

Join these elite teenage rebel warriors on a journey of war, betrayal, and political scheming, in Until We Are Free. In this debut novel from TM Blayte, faces of friends, family, allies and enemies will blur. Loyalties will be tested, until the determination to be free becomes the only thing that matters. After all, does one person’s freedom mean another person’s oppression?”



I open the door to see Baldi trying to block John King from entering the passage. I have to say I admire Baldi. He is trying to block John's way, yet there is no doubt John can easily push him down and walk over him. With Castle Mountain blood, I’m taller and broader than average, but not even I would stand in John King’s way. His Daylle complexion doesn’t show it, but I’m sure he has some mountain blood himself.

“It's fine,” I call. “Let him in.”

“Very well, Commander,” Baldi snaps. I step back to allow John King in.


“Don't mind him,” I say.

“Dad? What are you doing here?”

John ignores Mira and looks at Kgaryn, “Your Royal highness.”

Kgaryn nods wearily.

“My colleagues should be arriving soon to negotiate,” John says calmly.

“Again?” Mira asks.

John turns to face her, “What do you mean, again, Tamira?”

“General Govinda, Mediator Baartman and Uncle Nyl just left now. Like ten minutes ago?”

John curses and punches the wall. Punching objects seems to run in the family.

“Did the king agree to the two-nation clause?”

“The what?” Mira and I say together.

“The solution that will make provision for two nations. A human nation governed democratically, and an Elder nation governed however they want to.”

“Hate to disappoint you, old guy,” Mira says, “but I don't think that's what I heard. They asked the king to pack his bag and toss his crown in the fires. They would let him keep his collection of cars, which trust me is a good collection. Also offer him a place in your government. Talk about tossing a bone.”

I wince as John slams a fist into his own head, “Damn it! I should have known. Holy hell! Cursed Mother!”

“Calm down, sir,” I say. “What is this? Was there another agreement or something?”

John ignores me and frowns, “You have to maximise your security kids. This isn't looking . . .”

“Govinda fired us,” Mira interrupts.


I tell him about the warehouse thing.

He nods. “Yes, I think they underestimated your abilities. They now realize you kids are good. Bumbling and creating a mess at every turn, but still brilliant. A force to be reckoned with at the very least. I don't think the princess is safe anymore.”


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Aspiring journalist by day, reader by night, and author somewhere in between, TM Blayte is the author of Until We Are Free. He is published by Alban Lake Publishing. He is also the author of short works such as: Till Death Do Us Part, The Last Children, and The Power of Legend.
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The Power of Legend is available for free reading on T’s blog at

T’s biggest dream is to … Nah, it’s personal!

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