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Girls, Assassins & Other Bad Ideas & Giveaway



Girls, Assassins & Other Bad Ideas

by Mae Wagner

Genre: Memoir 

The only daughter of a bipolar woman, Mae’s childhood innocence was bartered for the ease of a “secure” life. At twelve years old and after years of abuse, Mae realizes she must fight for herself. When she is sent away from her family, she’s forced to navigate years of abandonment in a children’s home.

Throughout her turbulent adolescence and well into adulthood, the need to be seen as enough and the ache to become a mother shaped her life. It is this heartbreaking journey that leads to her deepest loss.

Girls, Assassins & Other Bad Ideas is a collection of personal essays shining light where abuse and trauma-induced shame brought darkness. As life often led toward grief, Mae reflects back on her most shattering moments—nearly always tied to the women she loved the deepest. The poignant reflections through Mae’s heartbreak, grief and eventual self-acceptance will serve as an inspiration to those navigating hardship and trauma, reminding us we are not alone.  

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Mae Wagner is a writer, speaker, mentor, and host of the Rainy Day Collective Podcast.

Mae is a Trauma Mentor with a heart for connecting with women who have been through hard things, and helping them reconnect with themselves. Her passion is advocating for, and supporting women. Women's issues are closest to her heart and daily Mae is working to prove that women’s stories matter. Women’s voices deserve to be heard.

When she isn’t working with clients, or focusing on the podcast, Mae is penning her memoir, which she hopes to publish when the time is right. More of a gypsy soul, currently residing in Pennsylvania with her husband, their golden retriever Elenor and the sassy kitten they rescued in the middle of the pandemic- Mae is grateful for the opportunity to journey alongside women, as an advocate, ally, cheerleader, sometimes counselor and genuine friend.

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The Damned Lovely by Adam Frost & Giveaway


The Damned Lovely

by Adam Frost

August 29 - September 23, 2022 Virtual Book Tour


The Damned Lovely by Adam Frost

“She wasn’t pretty but she was ours…”

Sandwiched between seedy businesses in the scorching east LA suburb of Glendale, The Damned Lovely dive bar is as scarred as its regulars: ex-cops, misfits and loners. And for Sam Goss, it’s a refuge from the promising life he’s walked away from, a place to write and a hole to hide in.

But when a beautiful and mysterious new patron to the bar turns up murdered, Sam can’t stop himself from getting involved. Despite their fleeting interaction, or perhaps because of it, something about her ghost won’t let go…

Armed with the playbook from the burned-out ex-cops, Sam challenges the police’s theory on the killing, butting heads with hardened detectives and asking questions nobody wants to answer. As his obsession takes hold so does his sense of purpose—as if uncovering the truth about the killer might heal some part of his own broken life. But the chase sets him on a collision course with a crooked charity, violent fundamentalists, corrupt cops, brazen embezzlers and someone dangerously close to home—all who want to make sure the truth never comes out.

Praise for The Damned Lovely:

The Damned Lovely is the LA crime story born anew, an addictive mystery and a love letter to the careworn and forgotten places of Los Angeles—Los Angeles as it is right now. Adam Frost is a crime writer with a sharp new voice, telling a tale about the one thing everyone in Los Angeles has: desire. Desire for truth, for justice, for love, or maybe just a place to call home. Highly recommended.”

Jordan Harper, Edgar Award-winning author of She Rides Shotgun

“Frost’s crackling debut novel belongs on the shelf right next to Joseph Wambaugh and Michael Connelly. Crisp prose. An intricate plot worthy of Raymond Chandler, packed with scruffy, lovable, and lived-in characters that leap off the page. Frost brings a fresh voice and much-needed new blood to LA crime fiction.”

Will Beall, author of L.A. Rex and creator of CBS’s Training Day

“An unputdownable and suspenseful whodunnit: anchored in the quandary of manifesting destiny in grief and lost opportunity.”

Blake Howard, producer and host of the One Heat Minute podcast and Film Critic

“Every bourbon-soaked sentence in this endlessly entertaining first novel proves Joseph Wambaugh dipped Adam Frost by his ankle into the L.A. river. Roll over Michael Connelly, tell Raymond Chandler the news.”

Adam Novak, author of Rat Park and Take Fountain

Book Details:

Genre: Mystery, Crime
Published by: Down & Out Books
Publication Date:
Number of Pages:
ISBN: 1643962531 (ISBN-13: 978-1643962535)
Book Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Goodreads | The Down & Out Bookstore

Read an excerpt:

I took a sip and checked my phone. Waiting for the screen to siiiing. Praying. Hoping.

She held her ground and I lost the fight.

The empty telephone. Reminding me, I had no excuses. To be in a better place. To be successful.

I was an American.

I was white.

I grew up safe and surrounded by love.

There was money for birthday parties and proper schools.

I had a college degree in communications.

I’d traveled to Southeast Asia. Seen Europe. Touched down in South Africa. I had a sweet girl who liked to cook and wanted a ring. We had an apartment in West Hollywood with good light.

I’d found a marketing gig early and wrote ad copy for seven years. Logos. Corporate promos. Internet ribbons. Microcopy drawl. Quippy garbage that paid the rent and then some.

I was on the right track.

Until I broke. Crashed the cart and pulled the plug on my world of California lies.

Staring into those smiling faces across a Doheny dinner table one night.

The masquerade of happiness.

The Instagram sham.

There was no substance. No truth. No intent for anything more than gain.

I had sealed the truth for years. Locked and bottled that depression south, convinced I could kick it. Convinced the gnaw would pass.

Things are great, I kept saying. Things are great.

But something about those faces on that very Doheny night popped the cork and shattered the glass. I called it out. I let it rip ugly. These weren’t my friends. They were assets. Nothing more.

This wasn’t love. This was compliance on rails.

I needed something pure. Something with purpose and mine all mine. That I truly adored.

So I quit the girl who liked to cook. Lost the apartment with the light and moved to Glendale. Where it was cheaper. Where there was no good light.

And worst of all. I was compelled by a force inside my bones to write something real. Something long and from the heart. Something maybe even wise.

This, more and more it seemed, may have been a grave mistake.

It was in no way working out.

Still, I refused to believe in misery. An honest rut is all. It’ll turn around soon. It has to. Because when you’re going through hell in Glendale, keep going. Right?

So. Soldier on. Live with intent and drown those voices out.

Drown. Them. Out. Soldier!

Swish. Swish.

A red Trojan alpha bro was swipin’ right at the bar. Americana run off sipping a sea breezer with a skinny lime. Slice and I shared a healthy glare of disdain when Jewels crossed behind me and nodded to stool 9.

“She’s baaaack,” Jewels cooed.

And there she was. Hiding her green eyes under a black felt fedora and a worn-out paperback of To the Lighthouse. She had dark brown hair pinned low at the back. Wore a simple tight white V-neck tee exposing that soft skin around her collarbones. She sat straight. With her legs crossed in black jeans that pinched in at her waist and exposing a band of flawless smooth lower back. She kept her face down. Never spoke to a soul beyond ordering a drink. And never looked at her phone. Not once. Not once had I seen her look at her phone. Instead, she just buried her eyes in that book. Drowning out the world with a Negroni and Woolf’s words like some kinda mystery from a different era. She’d been in four times now by my count. And it was consistent. Early in the afternoon. Same drink. Same book. Alone. Like an oasis in this godforsaken Glendale desert.


Excerpt from The Damned Lovely by Adam Frost. Copyright 2022 by Adam Frost. Reproduced with permission from Adam Frost. All rights reserved.



Author Bio:

ADAM FROST was born and raised in Vancouver. He began as an actor, and now works as a television writer and producer, best known for the crime shows Tribal and Castle. He lives on the east side of Los Angeles. He’s also one helluva T-ball coach.

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Twitter - @Afrostbite23
Facebook - @adam.frost.9655



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A Search For Buried Treasure & Giveaway



Buried Treasure, Lost Worlds: A Search For Aztec Treasure

The Risky Business Chronicles Book 4

by Hep Aldridge

Genre: Action, Adventure 

The adventures continue…

In 1521, the Aztec empire fell to Spanish Conquistadors in bloody genocide. The Aztec ruler, Montezuma, was murdered, and his treasure… disappeared.
Legend says the treasure was spirited away by Montezuma’s elite Eagle warriors, headed for an unknown desert location in the southwest of what is now the United States. It has never been found.

Dr. Colten X. Burnett and the Risky Business team have a lead. Will the unexpected map they now have in their possession guide them to the long-lost treasure in the land of the Mescalero Apache?

Join this bold, inimitable team as they face new dangers and uncover secrets that the mountains and deserts of New Mexico hold as they search for the lost Aztec treasure.

**On Sale for Only .99cents Aug 10-16!!**

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**Don't miss the other books in the series!**

Sunken Treasure, Lost Worlds

The Risky Business Chronicles Book 1

Goodreads * Amazon

Sunken Treasure, Lost Worlds: Revelations

The Risky Business Chronicles Book 2

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Sunken Treasure, Lost Worlds: Encounter

The Risky Business Chronicles Book 3

Goodreads * Amazon

Hep Aldridge is a certified scuba diver, cave diver and amateur archaeologist whose main area of interest is Pre-Columbian cultures of the Americas.

He has led or been part of archaeological expeditions to Mexico and Honduras, making discoveries that have been reported in National Geographic Magazine.

Hep's related interest in space, and space exploration and "things unknown" was fueled by his father who worked for NASA.
While living in New Mexico, he began to question the many strange and unexplained things he saw in the night sky in the mid 60's, and also developed an interest in lost treasure that has stayed with him his whole life.

The combination of these diverse interests led to the genesis of the Risky Business Chronicles, Book One, his first novel of a three-part series.

Hep is an Air Force veteran and resides on Florida's Space Coast.

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Conversations With Ayahuasca & Giveaway



Conversations With Ayahuasca

The Last Resort

by Ol Serbon

Genre: Nonfiction Memoir, Spiritual Realism

When all known roads lead to a dead end, it is time to explore the unknowable.

In Conversations with Ayahuasca, author Ol Serbon describes how a series of four annual journeys to the Amazon jungle to partake in Indigenous shamanic ceremonies involving the entheogenic beverage ayahuasca were a catalyst for healing issues in her life and body that were troubling her and entirely altering her perception of reality.

A powerful spiritual guide, Aya, introduced herself to Serbon and invited her to tour what appeared to be alternate dimensions and strange landscapes, like a vast underground city of plants. She also time traveled to an ancient civilization on Earth, perhaps Lemuria, and found evidence of an even more ancient civilization than that, indicating history repeats itself in broad cycles as do our souls. These dreamlike adventures revealed how our consciousness, focus, and resonant frequency shape the form that the world around us takes.

Back at home, Serbon developed a daily meditative practice for putting herself into the right state to receive visions and messages from Aya. Sitting on the deck at her house in a light trance, she would type lessons into her laptop about the arts of dream riding and manifestation, and warnings about impending dangers related to advances in technology, such as integrating AI into human physiology.

Feeling intuitively drawn to India, at last she searched for an enlightened sage who could help her make sense of her experiences.

Her story belongs to everyone in our generation.

**On Sale for Only .99cents until Aug 25th!!**

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Ol Serbon is a pen name. The names I have used in the past, the places where I've lived, the things I have done, the little achievements I can claim, the degrees I have earned, and the titles I have held don't define me. The truth is that none of it defines me. I am an ever-changing, consciously evolving consciousness. This is how I perceive myself.

Originally from Russia, I grew up behind the "Iron Curtain" dreaming about one day living life to its fullest. At the age of nineteen, I came to America, thrilled about finally reaching the "Land of the Free." I embraced the idea of the American Dream with my whole heart, and for some time I thought that I was living that dream, until my reality began showing cracks.

On the outside, my life seemed perfect. I graduated from Tufts University magna cum laude with the intention to go to medical school, I got married, and I did what I most loved to do: I danced. But after volunteering at a cancer research center, my vision about western medicine began to fall apart. Things didn't add up. Confused, I decided to take a year off and ponder my decision about going into medicine. I continued dancing and I never looked back.

As a dancer, I traveled the world, competed, performed, and taught dancing. I built a successful business out of my passion. A rare blessing in a world where most people do what they dislike just to make ends meet. Soon, however, my personal relationships and my health spun out of control. Devastated, I started searching for new ways to heal my body and mind. Among other things, books by Carlos Castaneda appeared. Then, after trying all conventional methods, I decided to give la madre ayahuasca a chance. It was my last resort.

Finally, in 2016, I found my way to the Amazon jungle. The rest of my story is in my book.

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Drowning in Shallow Waters


 ★✩★ NEW RELEASE ★✩★

Drowning In Shallow Waters

A Romantic Suspense: Muslim Romance

Light Steam (Brothers in Law Book 4)

By Lyndell Williams

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Seeing her unleashed decades of restrained passion in him.

Growing up, Brandon was an observant Muslim. In law school, he focused on his education and career. Having built a firm filled with wealthy clients, he is now looking for someone with whom he can share his success. It’s not easy.

Hawwah Did everything right in her life, except marry the wrong man. Now she is constantly on the run, afraid that her abusive ex will catch up to her.

Brandon falls heavily for Hawwah, releasing years of pent-up desire. He must have her, but what price will he pay for her? Will he be able to protect her, or will he end up in danger too?

Drowning in Shallow Waters is an exciting romantic suspense with a fluffy alpha male and BBW female lead.

About Lyndell Williams:

Lyndell Williams is an award-winning writer and a USA Today bestselling author. She is a cultural critic with a background in literary criticism specializing in romance. She is an editor, writing coach, cultural contributor for Bridging the Gap. She has been published in peer-reviewed journals and writes for multiple online publications.

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The Sweetest Game


The Sweetest Game
Cookie O’Gorman
Publication date: September 2022
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance, Sports

Hopelessly in love with my best friend’s brother.

That’s what it will say on my tombstone. Here lies Junior “June” Dorsey. Tomboy. Car lover. Bookworm. She suffered from a severe case of unrequited love syndrome.

It’s not like I haven’t tried liking other guys. I have. It’s just none of them measure up to him.

Baylor O’Brien. Beautiful. Cocky. Talented (on the field and in the bedroom—or so I’ve heard).

And completely oblivious to my love for him.

When Bay asks for my help, I can’t say no. He needs my PR expertise to revamp his reputation and up his chances of being scouted after one scout—the one he really wants—dismisses him as nothing more than a party-loving playboy.

When he asks me to be his fake girlfriend, I accept his proposal.

But how am I supposed to act like I’m in love without revealing the truth? And why is Baylor so good at pretending?

One thing I know that’s true:

All’s fair in love and baseball.

Wish me luck,


This new adult sports romance features two friends destined to become lovers, one sizzling fake romance, and a sexy set of brothers guaranteed to make you swoon.

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Author Bio:

Cookie O'Gorman writes YA & NA romance to give readers a taste of happily-ever-after. Small towns, quirky characters, and the awkward yet beautiful moments in life make up her books. Cookie also has a soft spot for nerds and ninjas. Her novels ADORKABLE, NINJA GIRL, The Unbelievable, Inconceivable, Unforeseeable Truth About Ethan Wilder, The Good Girl's Guide to Being Bad, The Kissing Challenge (YA novella), WALLFLOWER, and CUPCAKE are out now! She is also the author of NA sports romances, The Best Mistake and The Perfect Play. Her newest release FAUXMANCE is coming on April 28, 2022!

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Purloined Poinsettia & Giveaway


Title: Purloined Poinsettia
Author: Dahlia Donovan
Series: Motts Cold Case Mystery, #4
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Release Date: August 6, 2022
Publisher: Tangled Tree Publishing
Cover Designer: BookSmith Design

 Now Live! 

Murder comes knocking when a killer hunts for budding amateur detective Pineapple “Motts” Mottley in the fourth novel of the Motts Cold Case Mystery series. 

The past and present collide for Motts when two serial killer brothers barge into her plans for Christmas in London. Her desire to solve her childhood friend’s murder brings her ever closer to danger. She finds herself one fall away from the grave herself. 

When one of her former primary school teachers winds up dead in her burning house, Motts realizes the mystery is far more twisted than she ever imagined. 

Is she running out of time to catch not one but two killers? 

What sort of macabre gift will Motts find wrapped under the tree? 

 Available now! 

A Pineapple, a cat in a sweater, and a turtle hide in a garden in the middle of winter to avoid the clutches of the icy queen ogre.
Mildly dramatic.
More than mildly dramatic.
After living in Cornwall for almost a year, Pineapple “Motts” Mottley hadn’t anticipated returning home for the holidays. Not when home meant her overbearing mother and her mild-mannered, loving father. If it hadn’t been for the serial killer trying to complete his schoolgirl collection, she’d have stayed hidden in her little cottage on the top of the cliff above Polperro.
No one knew for certain who the serial killer was. Or if they were really after her. The police had managed to determine many of the girls in her primary school class had been murdered or died in suspicious circumstances over the past thirty-plus years. 
Definitely not a coincidence.
So Motts had resigned herself to spending most of December in her childhood home. With her parents. At forty years old. She was not looking forward to any of it, considering she’d left London for a reason.
To get away from the noise and her mother.
Sometimes the noise is Mum.
Her mother meant well. She just hadn’t ever managed to adjust to having a daughter who was autistic, asexual, and biromantic. Motts had hoped at some point she would.
She hadn’t.
At least her mother had stopped trying to set her up on dates with unsuspecting men and women. Motts had enough chaos in her life. She didn’t need random strangers thinking of her romantically.

* * * * *

Motts Cold Case Mystery Series

Poisoned Primrose (bk 1)
99c SALE

Pierced Peony (bk 2)
$2.99 SALE

 Pickled Petunia (bk 3)

Numinous by Victoria Woods


Title: Numinous
Author: Victoria Woods
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: August 23, 2022


Prophetic nightmares. Spirit possession. Dark magic.
Childhood obsession turned irresistible passionate affair.
How does a sweet girl from Louisiana get tangled into a web of horror and lies?

I had the hard heart of a hustler. It was the only reason I had lived this long to tell my tale.
The American dream was mine for the taking.
My past would never be my future, and nothing would get in my way—or so I thought. Turquoise-eyed spirit—that’s what I called her. She had bewitched me the moment I laid eyes on her.
But her curiosity in a world that she had no business tampering with was too much for me to handle. I warned her that it would only bring trouble, but she didn’t listen.
What I wasn’t expecting was that trouble would find me in the most unexpected way.
Giving her up would be the most difficult thing I had ever done, but it was my only option.

America’s sweetheart.
As the innocent daughter of a Southern politician, this was the role that I had been groomed to assume. I was expected to fulfill the family legacy and marry a man I could hardly stand.
But magic beckoned me—the type of magic that one should think twice before conjuring.
Its pull was almost as strong as the dark and mysterious stranger that had crossed my perfectly straight path.
He was everything that was missing from my life: excitement, danger, seduction.
One kiss, and I was instantly his—until sinister forces threatened to tear him away from me.
How could I survive without him? But then again, I wasn’t so sure I could survive staying with him.
Now, my only saving grace was something that I couldn’t explain—that feeling that they call numinous.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Victoria Woods is an international bestselling author who enjoys crafting stories filled with suspense, smart female leads, and sexy alpha-males. She lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband and human, as well as fur, children. Drinking coffee while creating stories as the infamous Seattle rain taps at her window keeps her inspired.


One Night




One Night

Book 1 in The Johnson Sisters Trilogy


By Elaine Marie

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Coming Soon

One Hour: Book 2 

One Kiss: Book 3




One Night...Was all it took to make Danielle's dream come crashing down around her.

Danielle Johnson not only is she fighting something that has left her scared and preparing for the worst, but now she is dealing with being forgotten.

All she wanted was One Night, but the morning after was what broke her heart.

Can Danielle's One Night with Jacob be enough for her, or will she need to forgive and forget to move forward?

The Johnson Sister’s grew up in a small Jersey town. Even though each are their own, they forever have each other’s backs. Through thick and thin, family always comes first.

About Elaine Marie

A Jersey girl at heart! I love to write, read and spend time with my husband and children. I love to watch Football & Hockey-and read in my spare time.

Follow Elaine Here:

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Instagram  Twitter  Website 

To Steal a Heart & Giveaway


To Steal a Heart
Jennifer Youngblood
(Honeysuckle Island, #5)
Publication date: August 10th 2022
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense, Women’s Fiction

Coming home has never been so thrilling … or deadly.

When New York Times Bestselling author, Arden Chasing, returns home to Honeysuckle Island to attend a diamond exhibition held at The Oliver Hotel, she soon finds herself embroiled in a perplexing mystery that involves the charming and charismatic Garrett Singleton, a known jewel thief.

As the mystery deeps and danger closes in, Arden fears she might lose something even more valuable than the celebrated pink Finkle diamond—her heart.

Goodreads / Amazon


Arden liked seeing herself through Crew’s eyes. She got the feeling that he actually appreciated that she was so outspoken.

The moment slowed as the air took on a charge of energy. Arden was keenly aware that the two of them were alone. She didn’t know how Crew could pass himself off as not being exciting. He was the most thrilling man she’d ever been around. His eyes took on a smolder as he scooted closer. Her breath caught as her pulse bumped up several notches. Was she ready to kiss him? This was happening fast. She wanted a whirlwind romance, but at the same time, she wanted something lasting. Was Crew the type of guy who would get bored with her if she made things too easy for him? He was so charming and charismatic that she got the impression that he’d broken many hearts. She didn’t want to be another number.

“I don’t know how much help I can be with the Carmel research part of your book, but if you need any help with the romance, I’m happy to oblige.” He caressed the curve of her jaw with the side of his finger, rippling pleasure through her. “I’m glad our paths crossed,” he murmured. His fingers trailed lightly down her arm, igniting her cells.

He leaned closer, his eyes roving over her with a hunger that stoked an aching yearning in her. Her lips parted instinctively as her breath came faster. He leaned in. Thankfully, before their lips could connect, her good sense took over. She placed her index finger on the center of his lips.

His eyes widened in surprise.

“No kissing tonight,” she said gently. “We need to get to know one another better first.” Oh, how she hated saying those words. Her head argued that she’d acted wisely, but her traitorous body longed to be held in his arms. She wanted to discover the taste of his lips … to run her fingers through his thick mop of blond hair. She wanted to be consumed by him. Wow. That was good. She needed to put those words down on paper … err, her computer screen before they flew out of her head.

He drew back as if disappointed, a tight smile winding over his lips. “That’s what you call a crash and burn.”

She laughed in surprise. “No, it’s called being sensible. You’re way too charming for your own good.”

“Nah,” he winked. “I’m just your everyday, average architectural consultant.”

She gave him a reproving look. “Uh, no. I don’t buy that for one minute. We may be just getting to know one another, but I’m no idiot. You, Crew Bronson, are a Casanova. And no matter how enchanting and handsome you are, I’m going to do the sensible thing and protect my heart.”

Amusement overtook his expression. “Sensibility is overrated.”

“Not in my book.”

A resplendent smile waffled over his lips. “You are the author. I guess you’ll have to be the one who decides how our story will end.”

“I guess you’re right.” She pressed her lips together, studying him. “We’ll start by going sailing in the morning … and then we’ll see.”

Author Bio:

Jennifer Youngblood is a USA Today Bestselling Author of clean romance, sweet romance, romantic comedy, and romantic suspense novels. For as long as she could remember, Jennifer has wanted to be an author. In those rare moments when she's not dreaming up another story, Jennifer loves cooking, spending time with family, and occasionally breaking away from her hectic life to take spontaneous trips to exotic and sometimes not so exotic locations. She couldn't survive in a world without chocolate, good books, family, and friends.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram /