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The Aeon Star

About the Book
Title: The Aeon Star
Author: Lauren T. Hart
Genre: New Adult, Sci-Fi
Jenny has never wanted for more than the simple, normal life she has; helping her parents care for her seven younger siblings, working for her dad at his church, going to college someday – hopefully in the fall. And one day, settling down with the boy next door to start a family of her own…

There’s just one problem. Jenny was never meant to have an ordinary life. She can ignore the nightmares, her parent’s overprotective natures, and even the sense that she doesn’t really belong. But try as she might, she can’t escape her destiny and when the dangers and secrets of a past she can’t remember come hunting for her, her simple life doesn’t just crumble it shatters.

Nick Grace is a researcher looking for a way to destroy an ancient evil – one that sounds hauntingly similar to Jen’s nightmares. Nick says he wants to help her find answers, but can she trust him? The inescapable pull she feels toward him whenever he’s near only makes her more unsure.

As the danger looms ever closer, she will have to make a stand against her enemies as well as her friends in this compelling urban-sci-fi page turner, with just the right amount of romance, that will keep you guessing up to the very last plot twist.

Author Bio
Don't you just hate it when authors write about themselves in third person? I do. So, for this "about the author" you get me, talking about me.
I've always loved stories. I began my writing career in the entertainment industry where, as one does in that field, I held a number of other job titles as well: director, producer, actor, voice actor, and on and on... But none of them could hold a candle to the joys and frustration of staring at a computer screen for hours on end, daydreaming, researching, constructing and reconstructing sentences that would ultimately be nixed during editing. Writing, some like to call it. Some say crazy, some say passionate. It's probably a bit of both. And I love it! As for me, just me -- I love to learn, to laugh to read, to write. I love to lounge about with friends and family and music. I have nerdish tendencies and overuse the word awesome. I love words and artistry and intangible magic. I think a lot-- it's one of my favorite pastimes. I'm prone to repeating myself and I loathe taking things too seriously. Some of my broad term areas of interest (at the moment) include: writing, reading, grammar, language, the human condition, creativity and the creative process, science fiction as well as science fact, the supernatural, animals, art, culture, the pursuit of happiness and the interrelatedness of all things.

I was born and then raised throughout the mountainous desert state of Utah, located in the western part of the USA, where I currently reside with my partner in life and love, our 3 sons and some dogs. Life is good.
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"Good afternoon gentlemen," she had meant to say — but didn't. As soon as she saw him, all she could do was stare. She couldn't help herself. Even more remarkable was the fact that he was staring back. They were all staring at her actually, but he — the gorgeous stranger with deep brown hair and exquisite grey-green eyes — was all she could see. He was sitting in the furthest back corner of the booth in jeans, a t-shirt and a hoodie. His hair was on the long side of short, long enough that a couple of unruly strands fell over one eye. His features were strong yet soft, his lips the most kissable shade of pink. Oh but his eyes — she'd never seen anything quite like them. She could fall into those grey-green jewels and happily become lost forever. 
He was not at all the kind of guy that Jenny Taylor would have been allowed to be interested in. Or the kind of guy who would have been interested in Jenny Taylor, she reminded herself. He could've been one of Davin's friends though… 
She saw herself standing half naked in front of a window overlooking the ocean at night, his tall, gorgeous form stepping in close behind her, tracing his hand over her back, her arms, kissing her shoulder, embracing her, kissing her neck.
Erin elbowed her in the side, breaking her free from her fantasy. 
"Sorry," Jennifer said, feeling flush, she pulled her gaze away from Tall-Dark-and-Handsome and decided it was in her best interest to avoid looking directly at him — at least until she could manage to control her thoughts a little better. 
Jennifer did a quick assessment of the other the two. The blond's features were narrow and sharp, as was the rest of his look. The other was a light-haired brunette. He was heavyset and looked like he hadn't shaved in a few days, but he was put together well. "What can I get for you — you guys," she tripped over her words. "What can I get for you guys?" 
"Do I know you?" asked the one with light brown hair, sitting next to Gorgeous.
She couldn't deny the odd sense of familiarity she had to the small group, but considering her decidedly sheltered history, she was sure she'd never met them before. Besides that, the gorgeous creature sitting in the corner and the reaction she was having to him was definitely not someone she was likely to forget — or have forgotten. "I don't… think so." Her focus switched to the unshaven guy, though she could still feel the pull of Sexy in the corner. 
There was something definitely familiar about this other guy. Like they did know each other — like they'd always known each other — except they didn't. He was a complete stranger. 
"She's new. Just moved here." Erin pitched in. "Still training. Brand new. That's why I'm here." It was odd the way Erin was talking. In. Short. Clipped. Sentences. 
"New girl huh?" The blond snorted and rolled his eyes. 
Erin laughed nervously. "Uh-huh."
"I'll have the usual," the blond said. 
Familiar guy scoffed.
Gorgeous shook his head.
"Uh" Erin started nervously. 
"Okay," Jennifer cut her off — she could handle it. She pretended to write down what he'd said, with much thought. "And what about for you guys?"
She glanced only briefly at Tall, Dark, and Handsome. He was so gorgeous; she couldn't help but gush, in the form of a huge smile. He was watching her pretty closely. He looked amused and sexy. She avoided direct eye contact as best she could. 
"Roast beef on wheat, and a Coke," said Familiar guy. 
"Have you had the sweet potato fries with that?" she asked. "They're so yummy." 
"Mmmm," he considered. "No thanks, Cupcake."
"I'll have the same on sourdough, with an iced tea," said the Hot Babe in the corner.
She really should stop objectifying him like that. "You want lemon?"
"Yeah," he smiled and she smiled back as she imagined herself climbing across the table and kissing him full on the lips — his soft, sweet lips. 
Stop it; she scolded herself. He had been saying something, but she hadn't caught it because she had been fantasizing. "I'm sorry, my brain just… Could you say that last bit again?" she grinned sheepishly.
"Sweet potato fries," he repeated.
Sweet potato fries, his voice was so yummy it sent intense, tingly, butterfly sensations coursing through her. She grinned, hopefully not too much like and idiot, turned abruptly, sidestepped around Erin who looked unreasonably concerned, and hurried back to the kitchen. Erin followed a short distance behind.