Monday, September 12, 2016

Destination Mexico City

About the Book
Title: Destination Mexico City
Author: Lori Osterberg
Genre: Romance
Jena Hughes has the perfect life. A highly successful career. A beautiful home. A handsome husband.
But lately, all she can do is complain. Her job keeps her on the road week after week. She never sees the inside of her house for more than a few hours at a time. And if she could just get her husband, Justin, in the same zip code for longer than a few moments…
Justin Reither is a man on a mission. With goals in mind, he’s pushed hard his entire career to make them come true. Will Jena’s questions get in his way?
A wrong turn in the airport gives Jena the opportunity to play Destination Roulette. As she leaves her cares behind for a week of reflection and discovery, will she find she’s been on the wrong path all along? The results may leave them both asking:
Is this really all there is?
A heartwarming look at chance encounters and saying yes, Lori Osterberg’s fresh, witty novel proves that some things are worth reaching for…

Author Bio
After running several successful businesses, Lori Osterberg decided it was time to reinvent herself once again. Facing an empty nest and too much normal suburbia lifestyle in front of her, she talked her husband into selling off their 3300 square foot home, sell two-thirds of their stuff, all for the chance to slow travel the world. When not traveling, she finds a friend or two to share a good bottle of wine, visits tea factories, dances the night away at outdoor concerts, eats her way through farmers markets, and daydreams about the next set of characters she lives vicariously through. She’s currently writing books and living the dream in the Pacific Northwest.

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Lori on Twitter: @LoriOsterberg
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Book Excerpts

I think we’ve only been at home together a few days this year. Probably four weekends at best. But even then, one of us usually flies out Sunday afternoon to be ready for work on Monday morning. So if we have a full day together, we’re lucky.
I’m just tired of it. I know we have good careers and like what we do. At least we did, I did, I should say. But when is it all too much? I mean, I never even see my husband anymore. I want to be with him. I want to be in the same city as him. I’m tired of working so hard. And what is it all for? Will my job even be there tomorrow? Our benefits are being cut all the time. I want normal. I want a life. Not just work.”
Jena leaned her chin on her hands. She was starting to sound like a broken record, even to herself.
Sasha surprised her. “I get it. You’ve spent a lot of time getting to where you are today. And now that you’re here, it’s not where you want to be. That’s upsetting. To think you’ve invested all of this time to get here, and now you don’t think it’s what you truly want.”
Exactly.” Jena was starting to see a pattern. Everyone she grumbled to in the past twenty-four hours understood her frustration. Why hadn’t she recognized it herself?
So what do you want?”
See, that’s the question. I keep whining, and I know it. But I just don’t know. How do you know? I mean, I’ve gotten to where I am today, and I should be happy. I have the degree. I make a lot of money. We have a great house. That’s what happiness is, right?”
Sasha leaned in, looking her in the eye.
Jena, having what everyone says you should have doesn’t make you happy. The only way to be happy is to do what’s right for you. It took me a long time to figure that one out.”

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