Friday, February 9, 2018

Conrad Edison and the First Power by John COrwin

Conrad Edison and the First Power 
Series: Overworld Arcanum
Author: John Corwin
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Victus Edison controls the Overworld.

On the run from wandslingers, bounty hunters, and the brutal magitsu master, Garkin, Conrad feels powerless to put an end to the nightmare. Nightliss, Ivy, and the other Seraphim they rescued from Victus's demon foundry can't use magic, and even if they could, Victus has an army of battle mages and monsters ready to crush them.

But a voice from the past may be the key to saving the future. Conrad discovers a link to a power passed down from Moses that might help him overcome impossible odds.  If he can survive long enough to wield it, there is one last hope for the resistance.

The first power.

 About the Author 

John Corwin is the bestselling author of the Overworld Chronicles. He enjoys long walks on the beach and is a firm believer in puppies and kittens.

After years of getting into trouble thanks to his overactive imagination, John abandoned his male modeling career to write books.

He resides in Atlanta.

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