Monday, May 26, 2014

One To Hold 
By Tia Louise
Review By:  Peggy Salkill


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Book 1:  One to Hold
Derek and Melissa's story.
From relationship issues to friendship issues, the drama, and some steam, this book will capture you right from the beginning and keep you reading!  I don't recommend starting it if you have a busy day planned because once you start something you have planned will not be accomplished, this book is that good!  Tia Louise has written a well-played out story with some sexy male alpha to some steamy love.  This will take you by the seat of your pants and keep you glued!  Nope, no spoilers here, you must get your copy of this series to see what all the hype is about!
Book 2:   One to Keep
  Patrick and Elaine's Story

Tia Louise has brought you another well written book!  More steam and relationship issues that will take you by surprise!  You will fall madly in love with Patrick!  Yes ladies, he is HOT!  HOT!! HOT!!!  With his hotness he still gives you an insight that men do make the wrong choices and don't always do the right thing and even get themselves into some bad messes but yet they can still take responsibility for their actions!  

Book 3:   One to Protect

Tia Louise in on fire with this series!  this is the 3rd book of in the One To Hold series.  She has you wanting more and more as this one is full of drama, suspense and some hot heavy, sexy scenes!  Tia has definitely give us another on the edge of your seat story in this one!  There is some evil taking place, so don't miss out on this series!  But watch out for Sloan!


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