Monday, April 3, 2017

Standing Ground & Giveaway

Standing Ground
Alice Rachel
(Under Ground, #2)
Publication date: October 27th 2016
Genres: Dystopian, Romance, Young Adult
When the authorities strike to regain control over the riots in Eboracum City and use drastic measures as retaliation against the civilians, the citizens are forced to fight back to survive. A virus has spread through the Underground, taking down the refugees one by one, soon contaminating the rebels. If Thia wants to save the ones she loves, she will have to retrieve the cure, quickly. But certain decisions are costly, and not all actions are free of consequences.

Author Bio:
Alice Rachel is the author of the YA Forbidden Romance/ Dystopian Romance Series "Under Ground."
Her time is divided between teaching French, writing, reading, drawing, and spending time with her hubby and guinea pigs.
Alice loves talking to readers, so send her a message...
When the virus hit us, it showed up on our horizon out of nowhere, unfurling through the Underground like a tsunami rising from the abyss. It started with a timid girl named Lydia, whose silence and quiet attitude did nothing to hide the trauma she had endured in Camp 19.
When Lydia fainted in the middle of the cafeteria, no one worried at first. Everyone assumed she hadn't eaten enough. Food was scarce, after all. She was probably hungry. But when she came to, she began coughing. One moment, Lydia was opening her eyes, telling those around her that she was fine; the next, she was on the floor quivering and coughing so hard that her whole body convulsed with spasms.
I wasn't there when it happened. I simply heard the others talk about Lydia's case—the hideous truth hiding underneath the rumors. Lydia was taken to the infirmary. She didn't get better. Instead, ten more people got sick within a week. Nobody knew if it was a bug, the flu, or something much worse. To avoid an epidemic, we took the sick to a building facing ours, and a specific team has been assigned to take care of them.
Taylor has given very little news of the refugees' recovery, which indicates the sick haven't improved. His face has remained clouded with a veil of concern, his expression even sterner than usual. He has kept the rebels in the dark too, his lack of communication making Chi increasingly nervous.