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Sins of the Father
by Lisa Beth Darling


GENRE: Family centered drama



As Hannah recovers from emergency brain and heart surgery, memories of the past overtake her dreams with such clarity they cannot be denied. As the last of the painful family secrets come to light it's up to her brother, Doctor Richard Mason, and his unconventional methods to help her confront the ugliness.


Excerpt :

Tonight Betsey left early to get ready for a banquet dinner for her son's football team and Mason was up to his eyeballs in a new case that was baffling him. After a very short phone call telling Hannah he was apt to be very late, he didn't have time to check in with her.

Alone in the house, Hannah entertained herself with the piano but without much heart when the phone began to ring. That was odd, Ricky's phone almost never rang during the day unless it was him calling and he'd already done that telling her that someone was very sick and needed him so he'd probably be very late tonight not to wait up for him and that he'd be home as soon as he could.

Staring at the ringing cordless phone in its cradle, she wheeled herself over to it to answer it wishing she could understand the words on the caller ID, "Hello?"

No one said anything. Perhaps the person on the other end thought they had the wrong number as they were expecting a man to answer the phone?


Still no one said anything though the line appeared open and she even thought she could hear someone breathing on the other end. "Is…some-one…there?"

When no one answered on her third try, Hannah clicked the little green button to disconnect the line before putting the phone back in the charger, chalking it up to a wrong number and a rude person who couldn't say 'hello'.

Outside it started to rain and through the window, she saw the yellow school bus pulling up to the curb just a few doors down. Hannah rolled over to the window to place the palm of her hand on the cool glass and watch the children get off the bus.



I can not say just how much this book is completely amazing!!!  The emotions are strong felt while reading!  Your heart strings are pulled on hard.  The characters and the plot of the story will take you through levels of high and lows but just make sure have a box or two of tissue.

*Received for an honest review*

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

It was in the 4th grade when Lisa Beth Darling discovered she was a naturally gifted writer. For her very first creative writing assignment, the teacher asked the class to pen a story about a baby bird's first flight and read them to the class. Putting pencil to paper, Lisa was instantly whisked away by a force she couldn't explain. When they were finished, all of the children read their happy stories to the class. Not Lisa. She got up and told of how the baby bird flew too high, hit a plane, crashed to the ground and died. She told of how the mama bird and daddy bird cried of how even God was upset sending the rains pouring from the sky. The class was speechless when she finished all they could do was stare at her. The teacher kept her after class told her the story was very good but it was different from the others. She asked Lisa if she'd ever heard of Icarus and had she based her story on him. Lisa had yet to encounter Greek Mythology or hear a whisper of Icarus. As Lisa left the classroom the teacher again told her how good the story was but suggested she might want to write something happier next time. Perplexed, Lisa turned and asked her teacher: "Why?" The teacher had no answer. Luckily for us, Lisa never took that teacher's advice.

Today she brings us complex multi-layered stories rich with the trials and tribulations that make up the world in which we live. Not one to be pigeonholed into any single genre, Lisa's stories revolve around the intricacies of couples from range the intimacy of lovers, to mothers and sons, and brothers and sisters.

Lisa Beth Darling is 49 years-old, lives in her hometown of New London, CT with her husband of nearly 30 years, Roy. She is the author of more than fifteen novels along with several short stories and non-fiction books.

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