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The Devil Wore Sneakers
by Nora LeDuc


GENRE: Romantic Suspense, mystery



Love and Mystery in the 6-oh-3 – Book 2
Who shot Lucy Watson’s estranged brother, the popular high school teacher who brought snacks for the staff and volunteered to help troubled students? When Lucy Watson returns to her hometown in New Hampshire to bury her brother, she learns law enforcement is looking into several suspects. But soon the search for the killer grows intensely personal for Lucy. The police discover a fierce argument occurred the day of the murder between Lucy’s brother and his best friend Liam McAllister, Lucy’s first love. The cops shift their focus to Liam. Determined to get justice, Lucy becomes involved in the mystery and must choose to put her faith in Liam one last time, or face the truth; she is in love with her brother’s murderer.
When former bad boy Liam McAllister runs into Lucy Watson, he feels the familiar hunger and tug of attraction that they once shared. Since their breakup five years ago, he’s regretted ending their relationship and dreams of winning her back. Now is his chance. He invites her to his bar and grill to show he’s a reformed, self-made businessman. But his plan comes apart. The bank threatens foreclosure on his establishment, and he falls under suspicion for the death of his pal and Lucy’s brother. Liam struggles to overcome his personal challenges while proving he’s changed. Can he convince Lucy to trust him, or is it too late for a second shot at love?



She wandered into the hall and glanced into a paneled den with a large-screen TV mounted on the wall. The leather furniture added to the masculine feel. A rawhide bone lay beside the recliner. Too homey.

She whirled around and slowed at the sight of the entryway. Fragments of Sullivan’s words played in her mind. In the front hall. Answered the door. Shot.

Her stomach clenched tight. Liam came up behind her as they inched forward. She halted. Sections of the wooden plank floor were stained rust-colored. Ryan’s blood. Lightness whirled in her head. Her legs threatened to fold under her.

Brown splatters streaked the white walls.

She stumbled back against Liam. He wrapped his arm around her waist to support her and pointed. Her gaze ran over the trail of spatter near the door.

There, pennies were stuck above the knob. It took a few seconds to realize the coins had been grouped to form letters that spelled: CHEAT.


Holy crap this book has me wanting more!  The twist this story gives you and the turns you ride out while reading is unbelievable!  An amazing way to escape reality for awhile escaping into the story!  The author gives you everything you want with a good thrill in this book.  Can't wait to read more from this author!

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AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Nora grew up in rural New Hampshire, picking blueberries in her backyard and wandering the woods with her brothers. Now that she’s older, she still lives in rural New Hampshire and enjoys writing stories. She was first published in 2000 and has written historical romances, contemporary romance, romantic suspense and mystery. She is a co-founder of the New Hampshire Romance Writers chapter, which meets monthly at the Bow Library. Here she enjoys great speakers and the company of fabulous authors.
When not writing, Nora spends time with her family, sews quilts, gardens and takes road trips to anywhere fun.
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